Arduino 2: [error] can't find chipid


I have a Arduino 2 embedded board.
I try to “register device”, but I see a message error:

[error] can’t find chipid

why ? How I to do ?


hi @cman
by “Arduino 2” do you mean Arduino due?
If so, are you sure the serial driver is installed correctly for the board? Can the OS identify the board correctly?
could you also tell me what OS and version do you use?


yes, it is Arduino Due.
I use zerynth R2.1.0 base for Ubuntu 14.04.
I can get arduino due information:

but after registration I see this error:

[error] can’t find chipid


Hi @cman,

please update to r2.1.2 p02 which is the latest Zerynth release.
Concerning your issue you probably miss permissions to open the serial port: dialout group.

Let me know :slight_smile:


my user is already in dialout group.
I tried to use zerynth r2.1.2 p02 but don’t works.
I suspect Arduino due damaged…


Are you able to see if the registration process is able to flash the registration firmware?
When the registration firmware is flashed, can you see a serial port from your Ubuntu machine?
If so, are you able to open it using a serial monitor? :slight_smile:


I see this information by ztc:

./ztc device discover --matchdb
name: Arduino Due
alias: zs:arduino_due:6a9a7eda2db85e6df343582303c55d347f35cc87
target: arduinoDue
uid: 6a9a7eda2db85e6df343582303c55d347f35cc87
classname: ArduinoDue
port: /dev/ttyACM0


Hi @cman,

the board is correctly recognized, can you try with ztc device open zs:arduino_due:6a9a7eda2db85e6df343582303c55d347f35cc87?