Adafruit M0 WiFi only runs with USB connected

I’ve got a M0 WiFi that works fine both under Arduino and Zerynth.

With Arduino, the device runs when the USB cable is connected or when there is no USB cable, i.e. running off batteries. I only mentioned this to prove that the M0 works properly.

The Blink example code runs fine as long as the USB cable with data lines is connected. When powered by battery or with a USB cable with no data lines, the code does not run. Other projects, such as Mini Server, ADC, etc. all act the same way.

I found this post here:

but Blink has no prints or serial data, and I removed the serial and prints from the projects that do - nothing I’ve done lets the M0 run on batteries or USB power only (i…e no data lines).

Surely I’ve missed something simple, but ???


Hi @ejg2putt
Sorry for the late reply.
Very strange behavior, on other boards, the code executes in the same manner whether it is powered on USB or on batteries.
Please Let us test this on our side and we will keep you posted.