hello, is available a guide on blinking LED in the particle photon, and also the arrangement of the LEDs on the board?
thank you


  • hi,
    here the Photon board guide and details

    To test the blinking on the Photon just try the Blink example you can find in the studio under FirstSteps/Basic/ and then the MultiBlink under FirstSteps/Advanced

    let us know
    Daniele Mazzei
    Zerynth Chief System Architect
  • I referred to analogic led , like a diodo(sensor led), to connect on board , there is a library or can use the same library for the blinking of a digital pin? Thanks @floyd ;
  • in this case you can use PWM or DAC.
    you can find the examples under the "standard library" section

    Daniele Mazzei
    Zerynth Chief System Architect
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