ethernet shield W5100

is it possible to use ethernet shield from arduino uno (W5100) ?
  • Ethernet Shield W5100 per Arduino Scheda Principale Uno



  • There is no Viper library at the moment.

    However, if you want to develop one I  can give you support  ;)
    Giacomo Baldi
    Zerynth Head of Software Development
  • in python language ?
  • The W5100 chip uses SPI for communication and in Viper you have the spi module...I think it could be feasible without writing any C code  B)

    Giacomo Baldi
    Zerynth Head of Software Development
  • Dears, you would make some example for use the w5100 hiel using spi 
  • I follow
  • Hi cman,
    as I told Luis in another thread we are working hard to support a lot of other connectivity tools for the next Zerynth release, but unfortunately the W5100 is not in our short term schedule, anyway we would love to give you support if you encounter any difficulties in developing this driver.
    Lorenzo Rizzello
    Zerynth Support Team

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