Plans for Struct module ?

Tim HoffmanTim Hoffman Member
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Continuing in my investigation on what I will require to support modbus , most libraries including minimal ones rely on the struct module.  Its is very useful ;-)
Is there any plan for this to be included ?




  • Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the advice; we have in pipeline to port the Struct Module into the Zerynth Ecosystem and it will be available very soon in one of our future releases.

    Stay tuned for new updates :)
    Matteo Cipriani
    Zerynth Support Team
  • ta1dbta1db Member
    edited December 2017
    Hi @Tim Hoffman 
    How is your modbus work going? As far as I see the Struct module has been released.
    As I am also planning to implement Modbus with Zerynth I appreciate to hear about your experience.
  • hi, have you seen this?
    it should be portable in Zerynth with minimal adjustments

    Daniele Mazzei
    Zerynth Chief System Architect
  • Thanks @floyd ;
  • Keep me posted. I would like to test it on the 4zerobox 
    Daniele Mazzei
    Zerynth Chief System Architect
  • Dear @floyd,
    Modbus is one of the protocols which I want to try and implement if I find suitable for my purpose but not high priority (Among others like KNX DALI DMX and wireless ones like BLE, ZigBee etc.) . Nowadays I am rather investigating hardware requirements so, at my side it will take some time to get some result.
    On the other hand 4zerobox looks interesting; is it commercially available? 
  • 4zerobox will be available soon for preorders  B)
    Daniele Mazzei
    Zerynth Chief System Architect
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