Zerynth r2.0.10 Patch p03 is available with support for Google IoT Core and Amazon Web Services!

Hello everyone,

we're thrilled to announce that new really significant rolling updates for Zerynth r2.0.10 are available! 

The patch p03 introduces two highly requested libraries: 

And here is the list of packages with bug fixes and improvements:
  • board-zerynth-esp32_devkitc
  • board-zerynth-nodemcu_esp32
  • board-zerynth-olimex_esp32evb
  • board-zerynth-olimex_esp32gateway
  • board-zerynth-sparkfun_esp32thing
  • core-zerynth-stdlib
  • core-zerynth-toolchain
  • lib-espressif-esp32net

To update you have just to:
  1. open Zerynth Studio;
  2. click "Rolling Update";
  3. click "Update", restart Zerynth Studio and enjoy!

As usual, please keep us informed of issues for this update.

Luigi F. Cerfeda
Biz dev & Marketing Technologist at Zerynth
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