DFPlayer checksum

I need help solving a mystery.
I can not send commands (serial) to the DFPlayer mp3 module. The format of the commands is in hex, two of them, consisting of checksum, according to the example (Arduino) below:

checksum = FF+06+0E+00+00+00=113(in hex)
checksum = 0 - checksum=0-113(113 is hex data)=FFFFFFFEED
then 4 end words is your checksum

checksum = 0 - (0xFF+0x06+0x0E+0x00+0x00+0x00)
checksum = -275 ??

Another problem that is occurring is that the module, once it is turned on, should send (serial) a status phrase in hex [7E FF 06 3F 00 00 02 xx xx EF], but it does not work. 


  • Hi cesarbudaye,

    If you want to see int numbers in hex format you have to use the hex() function:
    hex(-275) = 0xFEED
    Regarding the serial issue, you can use the available() method and, consequently, the read() method to receive the "status phrase" from DFPlayer.

    If this doesn't help you, try to put your code inside a try-except block to see if an exception occurred or post me your script so I can better understand how DFPlayer works.

    Keep me posted :) 

    Matteo Cipriani
    Zerynth Support Team
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