How to import and use python libraries from GitHub and other sources - ESP32 (ESP32 DevKitC)

Hi, I just intsalled Zerynth and was able to connect to my board and upload simple examples from the Zerynth Examples Library, i.e. Wifi. I very much hope that Zerynth offers an easier approach to Python programming the ESP32 than MicroPython (which is what I tried before).

To take full advantage of Zerynth and Python I need to be able to import and use libraries from sources like GitHub. For instance I would like to use the Adafruit Bosch BME280 sensor library, LCD 1602 character display library, the AS3935 sensor library or a various Twitter libraries. These are obviously not in the Zerynth examples list.

How can I import / use, or, or,, or or or ?

If these cannot imported directly, please advice how I can use them.

Thank you!



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