Can't open Hexiwear SD card slot

Hello everyone!

I was trying to use the examples available with Zerynth in order to open and save files (FileSystem example) or just data (SpiSD) to a SD card using the Hexiwear SD slot. However i can't open the SD card, read or write files or save data.  In the pinmap of Hexiwear it is written that this SD slot uses SPI3, however in the Hexiwear port.def file it is defined as SPI1 protocol. I also saw in this file that the CS pin is the D25 but it is not shown on the pinmap available in the Zerynth pinmap.

 I just tried to use both SPI but i just had the same result, this is, the prints of data are not shown but i also don't receive any error in the console.

Code tried:

//my_sd = spisd.SpiSD(SPI3, D25)
another try:
//my_sd = spisd.SpiSD(SPI1, D25)

In file stream example:
fatfs.mount('0:/file/', {"drv": SPI1, "cs": D25, "clock": 1000000} )
fatfs.mount('0:/file/', {"drv": SPI3, "cs": D25, "clock": 1000000} )

I've also tried to mount the file system to the flash external memory but it didn't work as well:
fatfs.mount('0:/file/', {"drv": SPI1, "cs": D56, "clock": 1000000} )

I would like to know what i have to do and how i can change it in order to save files to the hexiwear SD slot card or to the external flash memory.

In my last discussion i have made a question and i have not obtained any answer untill now. I would like to know if anyone of you had this problem with the interrupts and what i should do in order to fix the problem. Link:

Thanks in advance,


  • Hello @"José Alves" 

    regarding the SPI issue, I suspect a bug in the VM pin definitions. As soon as it is replicated, we will release a fix in the next update.

    For the other issue you experienced with the heart rate sensor, @"Matteo Cipriani", the maintainer of that library, will come back to you asap.
    Giacomo Baldi
    Zerynth Head of Software Development
  • Thank you for the quick answer!

    I will wait for this fix, Thank you!

    I still need the help for the heart rate sensor question so i would be really grateful if he can help me!

    Thank you!
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