[Win10] Error during online installation

Seems to run into an error at executing the package sync?


  • Hi tinkervps,

    On Windows machines, ZerynthInstaller.exe must be executed from your main disk (same where your Windows distribustion is installed).

    Let me know if this can solve your issue :)
    Matteo Cipriani
    Zerynth Support Team
  • Yes this solves the install issue, its now successfully installed on the main (C:) drive

    Thanks Matteo for the quick response!
  • Hi,
     I have a problem when install he Zerynth Studio on Win 10, with chose the online package installation the error appear is as below:  
     Getting package core.zerynth.toolchain                            Downloading:
    certificate signature failure
    Error while getting package download.
      I don't know what's the solution.

  • Hi James,

    r2.0.10 is out!!! Try again to install Zerynth from scratch downloading again the new installer from here.
    Let me know if r2.0.10 fixes this issue :)

    Matteo Cipriani
    Zerynth Support Team
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