Problems with the Nucleo STM32-F401RE

I'm using the board STM32F401RE with Windows 10 on a VMware machine on macOS (Because with macOS and Zerynth r2.0.6 I had problems). When I virtualise Zerynth says:"Insufficient disk space on current disk. Insert another disk and type continue. . .". It seems there's something on the board that occupies the flash of the board entirely or maybe something else like troubles with the reset button. I have no idea.
I provided to uninstall and reinstall all the drivers and to update the board's firmware with another PC on real Windows 10, but I still have the same problem: not enough space during the virtualisation process and so I'm unable to use the board.
There're only 8KB on the NODE removable device.


  • Hi luigiferrettino,

    The issue with the Nucleo F401RE for virtualizing or uplinking the device should regard the configuration of the onboard jumpers, more precisely the JP5.

    This jumper has 3 pins (E3V - Vin - U5V) and permits to select the source of the power supply choosing between external power supply (E5V) and ST-LINK VBUS power supply (power over usb cable - U5V).

    To power-up the mcu with the USB cable you have to connect the Vin pin and the U5V pin as shown in the picture.

    Let me know if this can help you :)
    Matteo Cipriani
    Zerynth Support Team
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