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Can you answer this simple question?

How many times "Hello Zerynth" will be printed on the Serial Monitor?

Here the code:
import streams


hello = "Hello Zerynth"

for i in range(len(hello)):

Answer and win a WeMos board!

Follow Zerynth on Twitter, retweet and answer replying to this tweet for a chance to win a WeMos D1 Mini board!
The contest will end on 26 March 2017 (11:59 pm Central European Time).

Little hint: run the script in any of the Zerynth supported boards to get the result!

Luigi F. Cerfeda
Biz dev & Marketing Technologist at Zerynth


  • The length of "Helll Zerynth" is 13, the answer is thirteen. I am a freshman of embedded python!!!!!
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