How to Use I2C protocol?

I have a NodeMcu which is compatible with the zerynth studio. It has a sensor connected with the I2C as per I2C0 (in zerynth pinmap). I am unable to find the function for initializing the i2c connection between them. The I2C class documentation is given, but i am unable to use it. The sensor i have connected with it is MPU 6050. Please Help.


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    Hi ameersohail,

    To use the I2C protocol, you can create a subclass of the  Zerynth i2c class with customized functions related to your sensor.
    You can take as reference model one of the Zerynth libraries for i2c sensor (bmp180 for example).

    Let me know if this can help or if you need more advices :)
    Matteo Cipriani
    Zerynth Support Team
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