I am not able to install online repository.

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  • This error occured when I try to install offline repository.
  • Hi Rituraj Eastbengal Mukherjee,

    Regarding the online installation, on windows machines, this procedure is a little bit slow (it takes 15-20 minutes); try to restart the installation and wait few more minutes.

    Regarding the offline installation try to store the tar.xz offline repository in the C: partition of your hard disk (the same that is used for the system installation) before restarting the procedure.

    Choose the kind of installation (online or offline) that you prefer; both procedure should work fine.

    Note: before restart the installation, you have to delete the zerynth2 folder from your home directory.

    Let me know if you solve this issue
    Matteo Cipriani
    Zerynth Support Team
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