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I tried using Zerynth with esp module. Problem that I have is that driver for WiFi doesn't support AP or AP+STA mode, is there any plans to implement this functionality?
I have tried to write my own C functions that call functions from "esp8266/esp8266wifi.h" to setup and enable AP mode. It compiles fine, bet when I try to upload code to module I get error: 
[info] Handshake
[info]     symbols: 215
[info]     membase  @3FFF5188
[info]     romstart @40270000
[info]     flash    @00090000
[error] There are 2 missing symbols! This VM does not support the requested features!

Is there any guide available how I could enable AP mode?

code that I used to call setup function

#include "zerynth.h"
#include "esp8266/esp8266.h"
#include "esp8266/esp8266wifi.h"
#include "lwip/netif.h"
#include "lwip/dns.h"
#include "lwip/sockets.h"


WIFI_MODE mode = wifi_get_opmode();
printf("Current mode: %d\n", mode);

*res = MAKE_NONE();
return ERR_OK;


const char *ssid = "NodeMCU";

printf("Failed to enable AP Mode\n");

struct softap_config conf;
conf.ssid[0] = 'n';
conf.ssid[1] = 'o';
conf.ssid[2] = 'd';
conf.ssid[3] = 'e'; = 1;
conf.ssid_len = 4;
conf.ssid_hidden = 0;
conf.max_connection = 4;
conf.beacon_interval = 100;
conf.authmode = AUTH_OPEN;
*conf.password = 0;

printf("Failed to setup config\n");

*res = MAKE_NONE();
return ERR_OK;


  • Hello @andris Birza ,

    AP and AP+STA are not supported at the moment, but both functionalities are going to be added soon.

    Your approach in C is correct, however a VM exporting all the required AP functions is needed for it to work.

    I'll keep you posted

    Giacomo Baldi
    Zerynth Head of Software Development
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