How to check wifi connection? How to soft-reset the Viperized machine?

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There is a way to check Wi-Fi connection and restore it if it's down? (this happens when I restart the wi-fi router)

Either is it possible to restart the viperized machine (Photon in my case) through software?


  • Hello Davide, 

    The low level bcm43362 driver has functions to check the status of the connection, but  they are not yet exposed in python. They should be ready in January. 

    Also the soft reset, will be available in a "mcu"  module together with watchdogs and some other low level functionalities. 
    Giacomo Baldi
    CTO @Zerynth
  • Great news. A lot of cool stuff is coming in viper :)
  • Hi all,
    kudos to the Viper Team for the great work done so far.
    I write here because my problem it's related with this topic.
    As long as the wifi status is still not available as well a as a soft reset, I'm trying to get my sketch disconnect and reconnect on a regular basis to the wifi network, so that if the link goes down for any reason, it will be resumed after a while.

    One problem is that wifi.unlink() method does not seem to work and my Particle Photon remains connected.
    I also tried to force a reconnection but I lose contact with the Photon.
  • Hello @ricschizzo ;

    and welcome! We are actively working on the next update (end of this week  B) ) that will have support for soft reset. Next thing in our todo list, is to enhance the Broadcom Wifi drivers, so don't worry, your issues should be solved soon.

    Giacomo Baldi
    CTO @Zerynth
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