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Zerynth r2.6.2 is now available with improvements and fixes

Hey there, Zerynth version r2.6.2 is out with new improvements and fixes. MODBUS Library Zerynth Modbus Library has been improved to check received messages (length, CRC, Function code) optimizing the code for both ver…

3 October 29, 2020
Zerynth r2.4.2 is now available with two new boards and a library update!

Hey there, Zerynth version r2.4.2 is out with 2 new devices and improvements. A detailed list of changes follows. - New Heltec WiFi Kit32 device (ESP32 Microcontroller) Wi-Fi Kit 32 is a classic IoT dev-board designed…

7 April 16, 2020
Zerynth r2.4.1 is now available with bugfixes, one new library and improvements!

Hey there, Zerynth version r2.4.1 is out with bug fixes and improvements! A detailed list of changes follows. - New STM-MFX library A library for the STMicroelectronics MultiFunction eXpander has been added to Zerynth…

4 February 27, 2020
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Zerynth r2.6.1 is now available with 3 new boards and 6 new libraries 4 October 29, 2020
Zerynth r2.4.0 is now available with bugfixes and new Virtual Machines 10 September 16, 2020
Zerynth r2.6.0 is now available new ZDM features, 1 new device, and many improvements 4 September 25, 2020
Zerynth r2.5.2 is now available with 2 new device and improvements! 4 July 21, 2020
Zerynth r2.5.1 is now available with three new libraries and improvements! 4 May 13, 2020
Zerynth r2.5.0 is now available! Introducing the new Zerynth Device Manager (Beta) 4 April 24, 2020
Zerynth r2.3.3 is now available with 3 new boards supported and 4 new libraries 7 January 31, 2020
Zerynth r2.3.2 is now available with 1 new board supported and 2 new libraries 4 December 20, 2019
Zerynth r2.3.1 is now available with 1 new board supported, 2 new libraries and great new features 4 September 18, 2019
Zerynth r2.3.0 is now available with 6 new boards supported, 3 new libraries and an optimized installer 2 September 3, 2019
Zerynth r2.2.0 Patch p05 is available with support to Fortebit Polaris Tracker, OkDo IoT Cloud and Siemens S7 2 July 4, 2019
Zerynth r2.2.0 Patch p03 is available with support to Cypress PSoC6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit and STM32F4 Discovery 4 May 13, 2019
Zerynth r2.2.0 Patch p01 & p02 are available with support for Infineon XMC 4700 Relax Kit, Nordic nRF52840 DK and Riverdi IoT Display! 4 February 28, 2019
Zerynth r2.2.0 is out with support for Bridgetek BT81x powering Riverdi displays, BLE enabled ESP32 VMs 2 January 22, 2019
Zerynth r2.1.2 Patch p02 is available! From Sensor to Cloud in 15 lines of simple Python! 1 October 26, 2018
Zerynth r2.1.2 Patch p01 is available with support for Ethereum and LiveIntersect IoT 1 September 7, 2018
New supported device 2 September 6, 2018
Lincoln Project tests in Norway – Powered by Zerynth 1 July 20, 2018
Zerynth r2.1.2 is out with support for XinaBox CW02, Xplained Pro Sam G55 and Redeem Licenses 1 July 18, 2018
RS Components and Zerynth partnership – DesignSpark Zerynth Studio middleware toolkit available for download 1 July 17, 2018
Zerynth r2.1.1 Patch p02 is available with support for Microchip ATECCx08A and ZTC provisioning commands 4 July 16, 2018
Zerynth Backend Maintenance 1 July 8, 2018
Zerynth r2.1.1 Patch p01 is available with support for debugging C code, TLS for Broadcom BCM43362 and MXChip IoT DevKit AZ3166 board 1 May 16, 2018
community.andib.DHTlib r0.1.0 3 April 27, 2018
Zerynth r2.1.1 is out with support for JTAG and customizable VMs for your own hardware solutions! 1 April 15, 2018
Zerynth r2.1.0 is out! 4 April 10, 2018