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Zerynth r2.1.1 Patch p01 is available with support for debugging C code, TLS for Broadcom BCM43362 and MXChip IoT DevKit AZ3166 board (1)
community.andib.DHTlib r0.1.0 (3)
Zerynth r2.1.1 is out with support for JTAG and customizable VMs for your own hardware solutions! (1)
Zerynth r2.1.0 is out! (4)
Zerynth r2.1.0 Patch p02 is available with support for Wolkabout IoT platform and Microchip MCP2515 (1)
Zerynth r2.0.11 is out with support for Pycom and Adafruit boards (1)
Updating from r2.0.10 to 2.1 provides a errors (4)
[FIX] System Updates for release r2.1.0 doesn't apper automatically in r2.0.11 Zerynth Studio footer (1)
Join the ESP32 Design Contest 2018 with a Zerynth-powered project! (1)
Zerynth r2.0.11 Patch p01 is available with support for FOTA over AWS IoT and AWS Greengrass (1)
Zerynth r2.0.10 Patch p05 is available with support for IBM cloud IoT, Ubidots and Adafruit Huzzah32 (1)
Zerynth r2.0.10 Patch p04 is available with support for Microsoft Azure IoT and DFRobot ESP32 board (2)
Bridging the gap between PLCs and IoT thanks to 4zerobox, an Industrial board powered by Zerynth (1)
Zerynth r2.0.10 Patch p03 is available with support for Google IoT Core and Amazon Web Services! (1)
Espressif announces Python on ESP32 for IoT development (3)
Patch p02 for Zerynth r2.0.10 is available with support for NodeMCU ESP-32S and bug fixes! (1)
New Rolling Updates for Version r2.0.10 are available! (1)
Zerynth r2.0.10 is out (1)
Zerynth r2.0.9 is out (1)
Zerynth r2.0.8 is out with FOTA updates and other PRO features (1)
Zerynth Studio PRO live on June 28! Last days to pre-order! (1)
r2.0.7 is out! (1)
r2.0.6 is out (mainly for Mac users) (3)
r2.0.5 is out! (2)
Updating Packages in v2.0.4 Issue (2)
Error virtualizing Arduino 2 on Zerynth r2.0.4 (4)
Particle Electron support (1)
LoRaWAN & a new sensor (1)
Filesystem, Flash, SD card, 1-Wire and a new board! (3)