WiFi Drivers for CC3000 and BCM43362 - Cannot get working.

I have tried to perform a WiFi Scan example on the following boards with corresponding wifi modules using latest libraries and releases:

Arduino Due - CC3000
Cannot get it to work with Zerynth Studio and Adafruit Breakout Board.
Works OK when programmed using PlatformIO IDE and Arduino IDE.

Particle Photon - inbuilt BCM43362

Cannot get it to work with Zerynth Studio.
When I revert to Particle firmware and upload Particle Tinker, works OK to Android App.

STM Nucleo F401RE - CC3000
Cannot get it to work with Zerynth Studio and Adafruit Breakout Board.

All hardware runs simple Hello Zerynth examples so it would appear that serial communications are OK.

In all cases I'm running the IDEs under Windows 10.

From the above testing it would appear that:
1. The hardware is working fine.
2. The Zerynth libraries are not working fine.
3. Other IDEs get it right.

Is this a known issue?
When is it likely to be resolved?

Being able to connect to the WiFi is a fundamental requirement for IOT applications and would therefore appear to be a primary area for prompt fixing.

I'm about ready to give up on Zerynth and start using PlatformIo which appears to give me the flexibility to program a variety of hardware, although (as yet) not the advantages of Python coding.

I hope you can find time to give me a prompt and positive response.



  • hi @kenr ;
    the photon works fine on my machine with Win 10 (see image below just captured).
    Do you have the Zerynth libraries updated to the last versions?
    You can check it via Zerynth Package Manager. click the circle icon on top right corner of the ZPM column for updating the packages DB. You will se an orange icon on the top bar of the ZPM if some package is out of date.

    The CC3000 is a known issue we are working on it.
    @Giacomo should have a driver update almost ready to be released. we'll keep you posted.
    We are very sorry for this issue
    Daniele Mazzei
    Zerynth Chief System Architect
  • kenrkenr Member
    I have just installed the v2 Studio.
    I still cannot get the WiFi Scan example to work on either a Arduino Due + Adafruit CC3300 or a Photon with the BCM Driver.
    Is this still an issue to be resolved shortly or is it me?
  • kenrkenr Member
    Previous post should have read " ... CC3000 ..."
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